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    Great Life

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    Great Life

    Description (from company's site)

    Great Life Natural Dog Food is the most unique and nutritious dog food to come to market. Our motto is Quality is #1 for all of our pet products. Great Life is "The Art of Healthy Eating" Food process- we have studied variation in temperatures while the kibble is cooking determining the best temperature which allows for the most amount of expansion and contraction to saturate the kibble with our freeze dried raw food and nutrient mix. We cook the kibble at a temperature range of 185-205 degrees allowing for the destruction of pathogens while not killing off every nutrient. The warm kibble is the then moved to a specially designed nozzle to allow the spraying of all the freeze dried nutrients. It is then put into a cool room to contract the kibble pores-thus each kibble piece is uniquely saturated through out and around each kibble piece We created the concept of a freeze dried dog food nutrition package incorporating freeze dried protein sources, full spectrum of digestive enzymes, micro-encapsulated probiotics, super fruits, super greens and sun ripened vegetables enclosed in salmon oil and then saturated throughout our wholesome kibble.

    This amazing combination allows dogs to feed on a nutrient active dog food. While other dog foods have their nutrition cooked out- our organic/ natural dog food nutrition is active and very tasty.

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    Great Life Dog Food


    We carry all 4 styles of Great Life, including the grain and potato free formulas. We also carry a variety of Great Life canned food and treats. Please call or stop in at Hobnob for availability and pricing. Thanks!