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    Self Service Bath

    Self Service Wash - Overview

    Self Service Bath

    Important: The bath area does close at 6:00pm, so all washes must be completed prior to 6:00pm.

    Time for a bath? Hobnob has a convenient and feature friendly do-it-yourself dog wash. It is designed to make bath-time fun, quick and simple for you and your pet. Our stainless steel tubs are waist-high and can easily accommodate dogs of all sizes. The tubs are equipped with a ramp to allow simple entry and exit. Our hoses have a unique attachment which combines our premium shampoo or conditioner directly with the water. No more scrubbing to spread the soap over your dog's entire body. No more missed underbelly or wasted conditioner. With the water temperature controlled, your pet will enjoy this special time with you. Because of all the quality features of our self-serve wash, you could be done in half your normal time! Who knows, maybe you will want to slow down just a little because you are both having so much fun! If you are short on time, our capable staff is happy to provide a full-service bath and brush.

    For "do-it-yourself", we provide all the necessities like a waterproof apron, brushes and combs, towels, a dryer and a variety of the finest shampoos and conditioners.

    Stop by and enjoy the sweet smell of a successful bath. Maybe your pet will end up being the most popular dog at the park (or, at the very least, the best smelling!).

    You and your pet will enjoy the temperature controlled water and all the wonderful features of our self-service wash.


    $20.00 per dog


    Our Self Service bath is available 7 days a week. Stop by anytime between 7am and before 6pm to give it a try!

    Shampoos & Conditoners

    Thoroughly cleans even the dirtiest of dogs yet it is gentle on the skin and coat. It has a fresh scent that will stop pet odors for week and gives the coat a bright sheen.

    Apple Oatmeal Shampoo

    A vitamin-enriched pet shampoo with 2% micronized oatmeal extract and a pleasing apple fragrance. Contains natural moisturizers including honey, coconut oil, aloe vera and avocado oils.

    Bark 2 Basics One Step Silky Shampoo and Conditioner

    A gentle, natural shampoo and conditioner combination allows you to groom your dog quickly. It's enriched with silk proteins to add body and sheen to the coat. It's ph balanced with a pleasant plumeria fragrance.

    Raspberry Dermasilk Conditioner

    Leave the coat soft and shiny by moisturizing, revitalizing, softening and detangling coats. Coltsfoot, awapuhi, shavegrass and other natural ingredients relax and strengthen the hair shaft. Raspberry fragrance removes static to aid in combing and brushing.