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    Doggy Daycare - Daycare Services



    Time for a bath? Let HobNob do the dirty work. We make bath-time fun, quick and simple for your pet. Our stainless steel tubs are waist-high and can easily accommodate dogs of all sizes. The tubs are equipped with a ramp to allow simple entry and exit. Our hoses have a unique attachment which combines our premium shampoo or conditioner directly with the water. No more scrubbing to spread the soap over your dog's entire body. No more missed underbelly or wasted conditioner. With the water temperature controlled, your pet will enjoy this special time.

    Also, we use only the finest shampoos and conditioners.
    Stop by and enjoy the sweet smell of a successful bath. Maybe your pet will end up being the most popular dog at the park (or, at the very least, the best smelling!).


    Short on time? Let our staff spends some quality time with your pet. We have ample premium soap, love and towels to do the trick!