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    Overnight Stay

    Hotel - Reservations

    Overnight Stay

    Today prices

    1st Dog $79.00 Per Night

    Additional Dogs $76.00 Per Night

    ** Hotel prices vary depending on seasonality and holidays



                                                                   12pm to 2:30pm - no drop off permitted

                                                                   12pm to 2:30pm - no pick up permitted

                                                **Pickups after 12:00pm will incur a half day of daycare charge
                                                ($26 for 1st pet, $23 for each additional pet)

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    If your dog has not completed a trial day of daycare, please do not schedule daycare or hotel online. Simply give us a call at 303-945-4449 for more information.


    With our spacious rooms, elevated cots, daily room refreshing and large indoor/outdoor play areas, your pet is treated to the comforts of a first class vacation. Add in a treat from our Ala carte menu or an optional dip in the pool and your pet will think they have landed in doggie hotel heaven! Whether it is just overnight or for an extended stay, our facilities are designed to cater to your active pet or comfort your elderly dog while they are our guest.

    Every standard stay includes a 1/2 day of daycare play/rest time activities and a night in a welcoming private room designed for a rest-filled sleep. Our indoor play area has beds and sofas for those pets who just like to make it all or if they want a quick before rejoining their play group. A midday siesta will ensure a rested and refreshed start to the afternoon.

    Of course, if you are somewhere with internet access, you can enjoy a view of your pet while they are in the play area via our webcam broadcast.

    You may not initially recognize the classical melodies being played during sleep time. The songs are intentionally slowed down, based on research proving their relaxing effect on doggie listeners. By design, to further ensure restful sleep, our staff leaves around 7pm and returns around 6am. Sorry, no midnight room service to disturb or disrupt a peaceful sleep! Our webcam and security/fire alarm systems are there to ensure the safety of our guests at all times. We chose non-combustible materials for use throughout our facility.
    Meals are served to your pets on your schedule and can either be provided by you or ordered via our Ala carte menu.

    Have you ever succumbed to the allures of the mini-bar? We have optional treats to satisfy even the most finicky of pet's palate.

    Does your pet need to stay with us over a holiday? We are thrilled to provide an appropriate feast to match the day (turkey with the fixings for Thanksgiving, a picnic for the 4th of July, etc.). Just let us know, as we can provide a special meal for any or all days of our guests stay. Check out our Ala carte menu for other choices to ensure all your creatures great and small needs are met (and, every whim, too).

    Do you have a dog with special needs? We have orthopedic bedding available as well as rooms with Kurunda bunk beds for families wanting to share a room. All medications (except injectables) can be administered per your directions while your pet is our guest. Add on a swim or an acupuncture treatment to relax sore muscles or enhance wellness. We can even add a refreshing bath to the amenities your pet will enjoy during their stay with us.